Fast-Growing Telecom Provider Offers Region’s First 3G Service

CJSC Babilon-Mobile

Internet-services provider LLC Babilon-T, founded in 2000, provides reliable Internet-access and international-carrier services to its customers in Tajikistan, from banks and international organisations to government ministries, private companies and individuals. In 2002, LLC Babilon-T and another shareholder incorporated CJSC Babilon-Mobile, a GSM mobile-telecom company, which in 2005 became the first mobile operator in Central Asia and the CIS region to offer third-generation (3G) services.

Babilon-Mobile serving 2.7 million customers

Today, CJSC Babilon-Mobile employs around 1,600 people and is the leading provider of mobile GSM, UMTS, 3G and 3.5G services in Tajikistan, serving around 2.7 million registered subscribers. In addition to voice-communications and mobile-Internet services, the customer-friendly company provides video calling, SMS, MMS, voice mail, call registering, WAP, GPRS, HSDPA , ICQ-SMS, roaming, content services, games and more.

CJSC Babilon-Mobile regularly offers special promotions and has earned a loyal following in Tajikistan. From its beginnings, CJSC Babilon-Mobile has lived up to its motto, ‘Affordable GSM’. CJSC Babilon-Mobile always strives to provide a wide range of services at affordable prices for its customers in Tajikistan, and the strategy has paid off in customer satisfaction.

WiMAX broadband mobile services

LLC Babilon-T has continued to implement new infrastructure, including a wide-optic-fibre network, as well as launching 4G WiMAX broadband mobile-communications service – another regional first – four years ago. Fayzullaev Bekhzod, General Director of both LLC Babilon-T and CJSC Babilon-Mobile, points out, “As for Babilon-T’s network, initially we just used satellite communications and then we added fibre-optic-based land-line service in order to expand and enhance the capability of our network. Now, LLC Babilon-T provides its subscribers with fixed-line communications services and Internet-access services via ADSL, fibre-optic and WiMAX technologies.”

LLC Babilon-T’s top priority is to offer its customers the widest possible range of up-to-date telecom services – from telephone services to data communications, VPN, intellectual networks and high-speed Internet access – all from one operator. LLC Babilon-T’s basic services are Cyber Net and Cyber Phone. Cyber Net includes Internet access, long-distance communications, IP telephony and rentals of communications channels throughout the country. Cyber Phone on the other hand includes telephone services based on NGN technology; designing and building telecom networks; hosting servers and web pages; and technical support. All LLC Babilon-T’s services reflect the company’s slogan, ‘Choose the quality’. Ever since it was founded, LLC Babilon-T has earned its competitive edge by providing the highest possible quality, an essential factor for a leader in the rapidly developing telecom sector.

Both LLC Babilon-T and CJSC Babilon-Mobile are present in all regions of Tajikistan and have established branch offices in the Sogd, Khatlon and Badakhshan regions as well as a dealer network which covers the entire country. “Tajikistan is 93% mountainous, and we are working hard to provide high-quality broadband Internet connections and GSM mobile communications services to customers in rural and hard-to-reach areas. A great achievement of our companies is that we now provide communications services in all populated areas in Tajikistan, even isolated localities. LLC Babilon-T is currently able to offer connections at the speed of 90 megabits per second, and we are working to provide the hardest-to-reach rural areas with data-communications access,” Fayzullaev Bekhzod says.

Expanding international gateways

In its role as an international carrier, LLC Babilon-T works with foreign partners to provide land-line and satellite connectivity and is committed to keeping pace with rapid developments in communications technologies worldwide in order to meet its customers’ evolving demands. CJSC Babilon-Mobile plans to expand its network in the near future and to establish international gateways with international operators. Fayzullaev Bekhzod says, “More than 80% of the mobile-services content used in Tajikistan is international content, and that is why we are upgrading the capacity of our international gateways by also using fibreoptic communications. At the same time, we are adding to our national content here in Tajikistan, thus supporting local content-providers.”

Innovative GSM SIM-card-based services

CJSC Babilon-Mobile has already become a leader in machine-to-machine services. CJSC Babilon-Mobile has completed a SIM-card-based security-systems project in partnership with Tajikistan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the company also helps local banks to provide Internet-banking services as well as SIM-card-based ATM access for their customers. GPRS tracking using SIM cards is another cutting-edge service provided by CJSC Babilon-Mobile. In addition, in order to keep pace with the fast-growing field of e-government services, both LLC Babilon-T and CJSC Babilon-Mobile are steadily boosting their technical capacity.

As competition heats up in Tajikistan’s telecom sector, both LLC Babilon-T and CJSC Babilon-Mobile are ready to hold their own against powerful operators in markets from Russia, Sweden and other countries. Fayzullaev Bekhzod says, “LLC Babilon-T is in a strong position as the leading player with no direct competition as an Internet-services provider, because we are the only company that has launched a mobile broadband WiMAX network which is now considered as the most-requested technology solution for Internet access. In addition, we have more than ten years of experience as an Internet-services provider in Tajikistan, a big plus for CJSC Babilon-Mobile’s development in the mobile market, in particular concerning mobile data communications. We expect competition to get particularly strong in data communications, but LLC Babilon-T and CJSC Babilon-Mobile have the ideas and the experience to compete very well in this market segment now and in the future.”

Helping to attract FDI

LLC Babilon-T and CJSC Babilon-Mobile have played a crucial role in attracting foreign investment to Tajikistan not only by offering reliable, world-class communications services but also by proving that Tajikistan can be a growth market for an innovative company. Fayzullaev Bekhzod urges investors in Europe to take a closer look at Tajikistan. He says, “This is a very safe country which is developing very rapidly, and the government has provided all the right conditions to attract and support foreign investment.”

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