Dynamic Pension Fund Serving as Reliable Partner

Khalid Cheddadi, CEO
Khalid Cheddadi, CEO

Founded in 1949 as Morocco’s first pension fund for private-sector companies, CIMR (Caisse Interprofessionelle Marocaine de Retraites) has continuously improved its management and performance over the years. It has established an impressive track record for reliable retirement support, sustainability, cutting-edge services (including e-services) and solid financial returns. CIMR is currently managing around €3.3 billion in funds which it invests in stocks and bonds, real estate and infrastructure projects. 

Khalid Cheddadi, CEO, explains that CIMR is looking forward to strong growth. He says, “We are gradually introducing our pension plan to the private sector as a mutual company
pension. This would bring CIMR around 10,000 new member companies, 350,000 affiliated employees and more than €903.5 million in annual contributions by 2015.”
company is particularly targeting Morocco’s small and medium-sized enterprises, for which CIMR has created a special offer to meet growing demand among SMEs for supplementary pension support.

CIMR welcomes the chance to work with foreign investors and partners. Khalid Cheddadi says, “In addition to our equity contribution, we can share our in-depth experience of the Moroccan market and create synergies with our different investments. CIMR is already a significant investor and the leader and reference in the private supplementary-pension sector in Morocco, a country rich in opportunities.”

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