More than 40 Years of High-Quality Construction

China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC)

China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) has been active in Rwanda since 1974 and has played a crucial role in the country’s infrastructure development. General Director Li Jianbo explains that CRBC has built around 70% of Rwanda’s asphalt roads as well as resurfacing works of aircraft movement area of an airport, bridges and water-supply systems. In fact, CRBC is ranked number one in road construction in Rwanda and is also a major employer. The company has around 2,000 employees in Rwanda, 95% of them local, and employs up to around 4,000 people when it has several projects underway.

CRBC’s current projects in Rwanda include a 66-km Mwityazo-Ruvumbu-Karongi road, the 17-km Karongi-Rubengera road, and a 54-km long Urban road in Kigali, a project to begin later this year as part of a major upgrade of the capital’s road network. CRBC is also expanding into other sectors in Rwanda, including affordable housing, energy and factories. Li Jianbo points out, “After more than 40 years here, we remain strongly committed to Rwanda, which offers security, stability and zero tolerance for corruption. The Rwandan government is a very efficient, reliable partner. All our work meets the highest international standards, and the government values CRBC’s contribution to Rwanda’s on-going development.”

China Road and Bridge Corporation
Headquarters: C88 Andingmenwai Dajie, Beijing, China
Rwanda Office: 11 Rue Député Kayuku B.P. 1154, Kigali, Rwanda
Tel.: +250 788 300 098; +250 783 101 081; +250 788 301 493
[email protected]