A Leader in Integrated Waste Management Strives for a Clean Environment

Mr Geofrey Khwarae
Mr Geofrey Khwarae

Champs Botswana (Pty) Ltd, a hazardous and general waste management company, is Botswana’s leader in the field of integrated waste management. Operating since 2009, the company strives for clean and healthy environment through the application of safe disposal and environmentally friendly techniques. Established by environmentalists Geofrey Khwarae and Baleseng Buzwani, Champs Botswana has expanded significantly in the last two years, mostly in the fields of general household/domestic and land fill waste, as well as other hazardous waste such as expired and redundant chemicals, chemical sludge, fibreglass, old paints, incinerator ash, fluorescent tubes, asbestos, used PPE, redundant IT equipment and old batteries.

Champs Botswana operates two waste management facilities licensed by the Department of Waste Management and Pollution Control (DWMPC) in Pilane and Maun. These used oil storage facilities cater for waste oils, contaminated soils, oil filters, oily rags, grease and other related petroleum by-products. Since there is no hazardous waste landfill in Botswana, the company’s facilities provide temporary storage for any hazardous waste which is disposed to South Africa.

Champs Botswana has a standing service agreement with EnviroServ Waste Management for disposal of hazardous waste from their facilities and clients, which is disposed with Bulky Mining Explosives (BME) in South Africa where it is used to develop mining explosives. Clients are issued with safe disposal certificates (SDC) so that they are able to trace the movement and disposal of their waste. Through the certificates and collection note, clients are also able to trace the type and volume of waste they produce.

The company operates with road tankers and trucks which are fully licensed by the Department of Waste Management and Pollution Control for waste collection and transportation. All employees of Champs Botswana are well trained licensed in hazardous and non – hazardous waste management.

Mr. Baleseng Buzwani
Mr. Baleseng Buzwani

Champs Botswana also offers its services and advice in the field of soil rehabilitation. The company has rehabilitated tons of soils which have been contaminated by hydrocarbons. The process of decontamination usually takes up to six weeks and is done with bioremediation chemicals, upon which the rehabilitated soils can be used for backfilling and/or gardening.

Among major projects undertaken by Champs Botswana, it is worth mentioning the hazardous waste management for Debswana’s Jwaneng, Orapa, Letlhakane and Damtshaa mines; the hazardous and domestic/solid waste management, as well asthe rehabilitation of contaminated soils and the cleaning and disposal of hydraulic hoses at BOSETO mine; the hazardous waste management at African Copper Mine, as well as the collection and disposal of mixed redundant chemicals from secondary schools in Botswana and others.

With its expertise and experience, the company additionally offers consultancy and project management for its clients. Champs Botswana further works with, and assist clients in acquiring necessary licenses, permits and clearances from the relevant authorities, particularly the Departments of Environmental Affairs (DEA), Department of Waste Management and Pollution Control (DWMPC), and the local authorities.

Champs Botswana’s motto “Let the Champions do it for you!” promises a timely, professional and quality service at all times!

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