Leading Construction Materials Company Chooses Switzerland for R&D

Luis Treviño, General Director
Luis Treviño, General Director

CEMEX, founded in Mexico in 1906 and now present in more than 50 countries, is a global building materials company that provides high quality products and reliable service to customers throughout the world. In 2001, CEMEX chose the Canton of Berne, Switzerland, as its base for research and development and intellectual property management. Luis Treviño, General Director of the CEMEX Global Centre for Technology and Innovation (GCTI), explains, “Our centre works in four areas of expertise: Technological processes and Materials, Sustainability, Energy & C02, Business processes, and Information technology. We have a high-tech central facility where we perform specific analyses on different products, scenarios, and systems that will eventually be part of CEMEX’s standards.”

Developing sustainable construction materials is a top priority for CEMEX. “We are investigating original ways of developing environment-friendly products with the lowest possible costs. This includes redesigning and adapting new production processes”, notes the CEMEX GCTI director. “For example, the company has developed a 250MW wind farm in Mexico, which will provide green energy to our Mexican facilities, and we are aiming to replicate that in other locations.” Looking forward, CEMEX´s centre in Switzerland continues its commitment to build trust through its innovative and high-quality processes and products and maintain long-term relationships with stakeholders.

CEMEX´s facility in Switzerland is equipped with the latest technologies available in its field and has been expanding rapidly. GCTI works closely with Swiss universities and is involved in many European projects, particularly with the European. Commission concerning emissions control, fundamental research and other issues. CEMEX also participates in the Clean Development Mechanism, a UN effort to reduce CO2 emissions. “In all its efforts, CEMEX focuses on adding value and on transferring knowledge,” ensures Luis Treviño.

CEMEX plays an active role in the economy of Berne and employs people from all over the world, including Swiss professionals,
and supports a number of local community service projects. “Some companies only come here for a few years, but we believe in integration with the local communities in order to be successful and have a positive impact on the hostcountry,” explains the CEMEX GCTI director.

The global economic crisis has not slowed down CEMEX’s research and development activities. Luis Treviño notes, “We strongly believe that if we put in place the right projects with the right subjects and the right focus, we will be able to access resources to further CEMEX progress.”

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