Local Leader in Home and Personal-Care Products


Candlex is Malawi’s local market leader in home and personal-care (HPC) products. Driven by six key values – spirit, pride, determination, commitment, passion, and integrity – the company manufactures high-quality candles, lotions, cosmetics and soaps, all sold at affordable prices. Candlex focusses on the domestic market but also exports its products regionally.

The company contributes significantly to Malawi’s economic development by adding value, creating employment and generating forex savings. Candlex distributes its products through retail and wholesale chains as well as independent shops all over Malawi, and exports through agents.

To continue to grow, Candlex would like to form new local and foreign partnerships which will help the company access low-cost financing. Candlex offers strong local knowledge, an established client portfolio and proven business success.

Macleod Road, Makata
Tel: +265 1 876 600
[email protected]