Industrial Garments Manufacturer Opening New Factory

C&A Company Impex, which specialises in supplying protective garments for industrial workers, was founded in 1994 with only 10 employees and has grown to become a dynamic enterprise with annual turnover of around €1.5 million. C&A Company Impex works with suppliers in Europe and Asia and provides its products to companies in a wide range of industries in Romania, including Hidroelectrica, OMV-Petrom and Tarom as well as the Romanian national railway and others.

CEO Valentin Trasnea explains, “We provide garments designed for workers in many different sectors, including railways, energy and security. We are flexible and able to adapt garments to fit each client’s needs. Our business has been growing steadily and we now have factories in Alexandria, which is 100 km from Bucharest, and in Calaresi.” Around 85% of C&A Company Impex’s sales are of garments the company manufactures in Romania.

Hidroelectrica is an important client for C&A Company Impex and Valentin Trasnea emphasises the hydropower leader’s investment appeal. He says, “Hidroelectrica has a strong track record, world-class facilities and good management. As for C&A Company Impex, we are currently building a new factory to boost our production capacity by around 50% and once the new facility is completed, we will welcome new customers. Impex offers great products and great service.”

C&A Company Impex
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