Blessed Dairies: A Local Success Story Seeking Investors

Milton Ngirente, Managing Director
Milton Ngirente, Managing Director

In 2004, Milton Ngirente saw an opportunity in collecting raw milk from local farmers and co-ops to increase yields. Today, they provide the largest dairy company in Rwanda, Inyange Ltd, with over 20,000 liters of fresh milk each day, which they want to increase up to 30,000 liters. In doing so, they have been able to provide regular income to hundreds of local farmers while maintaining a socially conscious business model.

Managing Director Milton Ngirente has already transformed this once small operation into a booming business, becoming one of the main players in the sector.

Milton Ngirente can actually access 50,000 liters of milk a day through his vast network and now wants investors to consider building this bigger future with him. “I invested, lost, gained, and now I am growing. This is a responsible investment and I am a responsible and patient investor”, he said.

A key milestone in recent history came in 2012, when Blessed Dairies invested in a production facility to convert milk into related products. They are now producing over 4,000 liters of yoghurt, pasteurized milk, skimmed milk, fresh cream and cheese each day, and looking to expand into new flavors and modernized packaging. “We are open and willing to work with any European, Asian, or American investors so we can expand our product line.”

Blessed Dairies are eager to expand their production facility with a US$ 5 million investment opportunity. This would propel the already successful dairy processing business to a capacity of 20,000 liters of milk a day and increase the vehicle capacity distribution for the remaining 30,000 liters of raw milk, creating new revenue streams and 70 extra jobs.

Ultimately, Milton Ngirente wants to showcase their high standards and potential along with that of Rwanda. They have high approvals from the Rwanda Standards Board, are in the process of HACCP certification system and are happy for investors to look into their business. “The investment will be worthwhile, and everyone will make their money back along with profits”, he said.

Milton Ngirente, Managing Director

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