Local Market Leader Aiming to Revive Construction Industry

Beton Armat

Beton Armat, in business for 55 years, is Moldova’s local leader in the production and local sales of construction materials. The company specialises in a type of concrete used in every building in Moldova. Vasile Gavrilita, Director General, says that while Beton Armat, like all construction companies, has experienced a downturn because of the recession, he expects revenues to pick up again as the economy recovers.

While Beton Armat is currently focusing on reviving the local construction sector, Vasile Gavrilita still welcomes the chance to form productive international partnerships. “We have worked with a German firm and I have met with potential suppliers and partners in France,” he explains.

Vasile Gavrilita praises Prime Minister Filat’s efforts to ensure Moldova’s sustainable economic development, and points out that a construction sector revival is crucial for Moldova not only for job creation but also to spur on the infrastructure projects the country urgently needs. He says, “With Moldova aiming to join the EU, it is critical that we rehabilitate our roads, which are simply not up to European standards. Joining the EU would bring Moldova additional funding and potential business for Moldovan firms.” Beton Armat is ready to lead the way in rebuilding Moldova.

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