Travel Agency Offers an Introduction to the Real Mongolia

Mongolia, birthplace of Chinggis Khan, is a wonderland waiting to be discovered by travellers looking for off-the-beaten-track attractions, and Ar Mongol Travel is the travel partner of choice for international visitors. Operated by professionals and committed to safety and the highest standards, Ar Mongol Travel offers a wide range of tours and other travel services.

Ar Mongol can arrange accommodations throughout the country, including in bed-and-breakfast establishments, traditional Gers (structures built by nomadic families), camps and hotels. In addition, the agency can make train and plane reservations for travel to, from and within Mongolia; set up rentals of cars, buses and four-wheel-drive vehicles; rent sports and other outdoor equipment; and provide multilingual guides and interpreters. Ar Mongol Travel is also always ready to customise trips to meet travellers’ specific requests.

For adventure travellers, Ar Mongol Travel offers guided tours by four-wheel-drive vehicles through unspoiled natural areas; horseback-riding at beautiful Khuvsgol Lake and in the West Altai area; cycling tours; a tour of the Gobi desert; mountain climbing in West Altai; trekking around Khangeen Khar Lake; an introduction to the Mongolian game on horseback that is the origin of polo; and many other options.

Ar Mongol also offers tours guaranteed to give travellers a taste of authentic Mongolian culture and hospitality. One of the company’s unique travel offerings is a chance to live with a nomadic Mongolian family. Visitors are transported by car to Khishig-Ondor in Mongolia’s Bulgan province where they will live with a host family and share in the family’s daily activities.

Wide range of cultural tours

Other cultural tours offered by Ar Mongol Travel include visits to religious sites, exploration of rock drawings, tours along the Ulaanbaatar-Khuvsgol-Terelj route, and tours of the Gobi, Kara-Korum and Bayangobi areas. A highlight is Ar Mongol’s “Tracing Mongolian History” tour, which includes a visit to Ulaanbaatar, a helicopter ride to Hodoo and a visit to the hot springs and Chinggis Khaan monument there, a stay in a Gers at Gurvan nuur camp, a visit to Erdene Zuu monastery, a stay in Bayangobi resort at the edge of the desert, and many other activities.

Ar Mongol’s tourism camps include the new Dugana Khad resort and campground located in a pristine mountain and forest setting around 110 km north of Ulaanbaatar. The resort, where guests sleep in authentic Mongolian Gers, is the ideal base for fishing, trekking, horseback-riding and more. Ar Mongol is ready to welcome travellers to exciting Mongolia.