General Pension Fund of the Netherlands Antilles


APNA was founded by government decree of April 27th 1936 with the sole mission to administer the pension scheme of the civil servants of the Netherlands Antilles. Over the course of the years, participants in the fund has increased to 23,000 government employees, teachers, employees of government related companies and former government employees of which about 9,000 are pensioners. APNA invests the premiums received mainly in mortgages secured loans, shares, bonds and real estate. The foreign investments are in treasury papers, bonds and other credit types and in the stock market. With an invested capital of ANG 3.6 billion (€1.5 billion), APNA is one of the largest institutional investor in the Netherlands Antilles.

APNA is managed by Managing Director Mr. Philip Römer M.Sc. and the Deputy Managing Director Mrs. Charlene Alberto M.Sc.

High-potential opportunities for European investors

APNA takes a long-term perspective in its investments, around 60% of which are local, totalling around ANG 2.16 billion (€885.9 million), and 40% international. “Internationally, we invest mainly in North America and Euro-land and other developed countries, but diversify to emerging markets as well,” explains Solange Fingal, Chief Investment Officer. She adds that APNA aims to optimize the returns on its investments by obtaining the highest return possible while fitting the risk profile of the fund.

APNA offers high potential opportunities to both local and international investors. “Curaçao has a strategic location, a multilingual and multicultural population living in harmony, a stable government and a world-class regulatory environment, all of which makes it very attractive for European investors,” Solange Fingal points out.

In Curaçao APNA has developed the area of Jan Thiel, which is on the east side of the Island, into a very nice and exceptional, high-end real estate neighbourhood. It’s a high quality neighbourhood with a panoramic view on the Spanish Water, Caracas bay, as well as the blue Caribbean Sea. There are beach facilities within walking distance, vacation resorts, water sport facilities and much more.

At the west side of the island APNA owns land enclosing one of the most beautiful beaches on the Island called Cas Abou. For this property APNA has developed a Real Estate developing plan.

Like pension funds all over the world, APNA has been affected by the global economic downturn. As Royston Sling, Chief Legal Officer and Executive Secretary, explains “This year we do not expect to yield the returns we are looking for, due to the crisis. The effects have been only in our foreign investments.”

Despite the challenges, both Solange Fingal and Royston Sling believe that Curaçao has potential to a brighter future.

Schouwburgweg 26, Curaçao
Netherlands Antilles
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