Making Sure Ukrainian Market is Open and Competitive

Vasyl Tsushko, Chairman Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine
Vasyl Tsushko, Chairman Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine

Vasyl Tsushko, Chairman of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU), discusses the organisation’s goals and activities.

European Times: What are the AMCU’s major responsibilities?

Vasyl Tsushko: The AMCU plays a key role in maintaining a competitive, open market in Ukraine. The principal tasks of the AMCU are to ensure compliance with Ukraine’s laws and policies on competition; oversee economic activities of sectors and companies; support the development of fair competition; and make sure government procurements are handled in a competitive manner.

European Times: What are some of the AMCU’s current projects?

Vasyl Tsushko: The AMCU has instigated and helped to develop a crucial legislation on competition, the National Competition Development Programme for 2014 to 2024. The AMCU is also very active in educating the general public about the need for a competitive market characterised by openness and transparency. We publish thousands of reports on our website, in print, on television and on radio to inform the public about the AMCU’s goals and activities. We also host conferences and other events to foster discussion of competition in Ukraine.

European Times: How is the AMCU helping Ukraine meet EU standards?

Vasyl Tsushko: One of our tasks is to make sure the allocation of state aid meets EU criteria. In March 2013, the government of Ukraine approved an action plan for institutional reform concerning the monitoring and control of state aid to economic entities as well as a draft law on state aid. These regulations are designed to limit the negative impact of state aid on competition and international trade in Ukraine and to ensure a level playing field for all participants.

European Times: What are your goals for the AMCU in the near future?

Vasyl Tsushko: We want to step up our controls on violations of Ukraine’s laws on competition; make sure the National Competition Development Programme moves forward; increase Ukraine’s participation in international discussions about competition policies; and continue to upgrade Ukraine’s competition legislation to bring it in line with the best European and international standards.

European Times: What is your personal message to potential foreign investors in Ukraine?

Vasyl Tsushko: Ukraine has rich natural resources, fertile land, educated and hard-working people, and a government committed to improving the business climate and ensuring fair competition. Ukraine is making great progress and foreign investors will find many opportunities here.