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Aluvium Security Solutions

Aluvium Security Solutions transforms traditional security services into intelligence-driven security operations. Managing Director Frank Alexander explains, “Unlike most security companies, we offer full-time surveillance in-house and remotely from our control room, where our staff monitors video feeds while our guards actively maintain security at your premises.” The company has its own rapid-response unit available 24/7 in case of problems.

In addition, Aluvium Security Solutions gives its clients the chance to check on their premises via smart phones and tablets from any location using Aluvium’s own network. Frank Alexander points out, “We also have a text-overlay feature which is essential for point-of-sale surveillance. We configure the camera to have transactions appear on the screen as they are entered into the system, so if there is a shortage of stock of a certain item, we can play back footage of all transactions relating to that item.”

Aluvium provides the highest-quality solutions and services for e-mail and web-content filtering, Simple-Network-Management-Protocol centralised policy encryption, data-loss prevention, security information and event management, video conferencing, WAN optimisation, data storage and more. Frank Alexander concludes, “We continue to adapt to today’s progressively more competitive and evolving technologies. Aluvium remains one step ahead by offering products and solutions that are focused on providing tangible results for network management, productivity and security solutions.”

Aluvium Security Solutions

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