Major Pharmaceuticals Player Boosting Exports

Alkaloid is a long-term success story in Macedonia. A brand that is recognisable and well established, just like its motto – Health above all. This is the slogan of one of the key drivers of the Macedonian economy.

Headquartered in Skopje, Alkaloid places its products in 30 countries around the world through its subsidiaries in the US, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, and Montenegro. In the year of its 75th jubilee, Alkaloid is ranked 6th in the pharmaceuticals industry in SE Europe.

Export orientation, a stable market position, high social responsibility, openness to new partnerships and implementation of the highest standards in the business practice are the key points in the corporate strategy of Alkaloid AD. These features make the company distinctive and recognisable, but above all is its prominent export orientation. “The focus on exports is the way to our growth. Alkaloid continuously invests in strengthening its sales teams. In the past five years alone, we opened three new subsidiaries and one production plant outside Macedonia,” says Zhivko Mukaetov, Alkaloid’s CEO and MB President.

Zhivko Mukaetov, CEO and President of the Management Board
Zhivko Mukaetov, CEO

Alkaloid’s top brand is the painkiller Caffetin, multiple winner of the Superbrands award in the region. Besides the OTC line, the cardio preparations, the drugs that affect the CNS, as well as cephalosporin antibiotics are four basic lines the strategy for growth of the company is based on. “We pay particular attention to expanding our product portfolio with new, efficient, safe, high-quality drugs, from our own production and through licensing collaboration and representations. The list of renowned names in the field of pharmaceuticals that chose Alkaloid as a reliable partner is constantly expanding,” Mukaetov explains.

Besides the pharmaceuticals segment, the company also produces herbal products under the US brand names of Aveda, Swanson and Arbonne International. Its Becutan baby care collection holds 60% of the Macedonian baby cosmetics market and is a very well-known regional brand.

Presenting double-digit growth year-by-year, and doubling its sales over the past five years, with a 2011 turnover of €109.5 million, Alkaloid continues to set ambitious goals for itself. In the past 15 years, the company invested over €100 million in cutting-edge production facilities, research, development and quality control. In 2007 Alkaloid allocated over €2 million in installation of SAP, an integrated software system that provides rapid information access and data control.

“By strengthening our position in the region, better positioning on the EU, CIS and the USA markets, we are constantly open to building new synergies and partnerships, as Macedonia is a small country but one with great potential and many opportunities for investments and advancement,” concludes Mukaetov.

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